Saturday, July 27

S.Wine Cafe @ B.I.G Publika

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The theme of this restaurant is all about PIG.

The restaurant is located deep inside in the Ben's Independent Grocer that you will not easy to find out if you are not always coming here. If you can't figure out just trying ask the staff, they are very pleasure to tell you. :)

This is what you will see when enter first step into their restaurant, pink piglets decoration!

At here, please don't order anything beside PORK! Lol!

A very simple menu with a cover of a pig!

How beautiful of the fresh flower put on the table!

Consider we are still very full after taking an evening tea at The Coffee Bean, we just order 2 meal to end up of our dinner.

S.Wine House Salad

Pan-Roasted Pork Chops with Sauerkraut

It was very dissapointed their PORK SATAY were out of order when we are reaching there. Hopefully will have chance to try it next time.

Taking this after finish the meal. 
What I can say, the way the guy take of this picture really out of my expectation! Both of us really like of this photo! Thanks guy! (Really appreciate!) :D

Actually we are the last customer who leave from the restaurant. I still remember half an hour ago inside was very crowded and too many people taking dinner when we are reaching.

Found the big mirror when out from restaurant! Hahaha!

Self-shoot before we go home to end our day! :)

Surely, will come back to trying their Hainanese Pork Chop because it look so delicious when we are seeing the table beside us taking that. Of course will not miss out Pork Satay again! Worth to try!

Thursday, July 25

Tom, Dick & Harry's Live @ Pavilion

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Having a big big big breakfast before move on to our shopping day on this day! Definitely, the place we are choosing for our breakfast at here is very convenient to us. Click here for the previous post.
Here their menu!

Their breakfast menu is serve daily no matter weekday or weekend.

Here goes on!

Big Breakfast! Totally bigger than my face!
serve with bacon, eggs, chicken sausage, mushroom, baked beans and tomato, toast with butter and 1 more i don't know what is that.

Savory Pan Cakes
 serve with bacon & eggs
Each of the breakfast set come with orange juice and coffee refill. So you can enjoy your coffee with unlimited refill! We are 3 persons here and share together, we also feel full even not finish yet. Surely if you are a girl can't finish the big breakfast as big as the plate! Share it with your friend together will better.

Thursday, July 18

Little Korea @ Solaris Mont Kiara

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It's being crazy for me to having a korean meal at the night and Japanese meal on day time at the same day. Lol!
What happen to me? Just guess it! :P
This is one of the nice place to make gathering with family and friends and the location is strategic too. You can easily find out by seeing their big signboard on the road.

Ban Chan! This is compulsory appetizers before having our main dish!

Dduk Bbok Ki

Cha Dol Bae Gi (Beef, Not mine, I'm the one not take this)

Sam Gyoub Sal (Pork)

Dak Gal Bi (Lamb)

Kim Chi Jeon Gol (Steamboat)
Sure for having kim chi steambot to complete our meal!

Actually you can ask them to serve your order after they are complete make it.
Like us, we ask them make it on our table. Unfortunately, their restaurant not provide the range hood and when he barbecue the meat. (I just noticed when he starting the barbecue). Of course, you will feel the hotness. :(

They do provide private room for celebration as well. It a bit pricy but the quantity serving is not "little". Worth a try.

Monday, July 15

Salun Du Chocolat @ Publika

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Oh My Goddddd!
It will be crazy for who is chocolate lover!
I found this and I think it still new.
What is a bit different compare with other is the chocolate look like made from middle east (sound is look like).

How delicate for a chocolate gift!

Selling by weight.

Ohhhhh~~ Chocolate Waffle Stick!!

This is a fruit stick! I think this given by free, we have no pay with this. 

I gonna eat youuuuu!

Chocolate Pancake!!

For sure, there are different style and concept for comparing wiith other chocolate shop.

But, this is really not bad! The price is reasonable.
Worth to try. :)

Salun Du Chocolat
29, Jalan Dutamas 1, Hartamas Heights,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel:+6014-222 6566

Sunday, July 14

Supper @ Caffeiness, Kampung Pandan

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Having a supper with buddy at midnight!
It was a crazy night and they are having a shisha, lol!
There will be crowded when the late night is coming, the customer will never end.

Of course order their signature dessert as our supper meal!

Strawberry Brownie


Chili Sausage

French Fries

I like here because the ambience are comfortable and suitable for friends gathering.

Of course also nice for couple dine here because the environment.
Will be visit again next time.