Wednesday, June 5

[CLOSED DOWN] Teeq @ Lot 10

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A very nice place that you are never think that will exist in the busy city centre of Kuala Lumpur.  Not have any plan, just suddenly remind me and we decide to go this place.
It was very nice place to hang out specially when you want make a birthday party or gathering with friend. 
Of course it would be a romantic place for couple to dine in.



I hope that is not my dress on that day because seems not appropriate to their restaurant. Even not have rules when visit. :(

Waiter advice us to order cocktail instead of juice have the same price.

Apple Martini

Classic Margarita

Oh My Goddd~ How much beautiful the decoration with the drink!

Sea Water Prawn

Chic On The Field

Rome's Deli Olio

Martini Tiramisu

Of course will not miss out to take a photo with my love dessert! xD

You can have a nice view of Kuala Lumpur Tower if you seat at outdoor.

Ohhhh~ A sign of King and Queen! It's a toilet actually!

How artistic of their toilet!

Have a shoot in front of H&M! :)

I being as tourist to take his/her a photo before go home. How many years ago he/she still standing here and being like a doll to bring enjoy. 

Have a beautiful night with you, my friend.

Thanks a lot! :)


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