Monday, June 24

Tea time hangout @ Dreamz Bakery, Kota Damansara

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Another chance again visit here with buddy!

It was so crowded specially at afternoon time in weekend! Of course I more like go when weekdays with unimates on that time (First visit). :)

What is different they are add more food to their menu, it was good.

And more cookies display.

They are provide some vintage cup too, they have hi-tea set i guess.




Chocolate Mint

Tuna Sandwhich

Vanilla Crepe

Dark Cocoa Crepe


So cute have a office room for a group to gathering!

So sorry for the bad quality of the photo by the light effect. (Should I blam the guy who always not take a good photo for me? :( )

Oh my god! It's damn hot! Too many people and their air cooling seems not in good condition.

I like you baby! It was taken when we shopping at hypermarket!

Enjoy your reading and good night. :D


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