Tuesday, June 11

Afternoon Tea @ Teaffani, Farenheit88

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Being first time having hi-tea with a pretty girl, Miko on that day! And we long time didn't meet again after the Christmas eve last year!

We choose here as our final decision to drink-- Teaffani.
It was located at 3rd floor of Farenheit88 shopping mall which call Pakarmaya.
A good place for girl to enjoy hi-tea after tired of shopping. Lol!

Here a menu, very simple.

Their design full with British vintage. So cuteeee!

Hi tea set come with two pot of tea to choose. We choose Pure Chamomile as first.

I just realized I had forgot to take photo of that.

They are serve 3 tier of hi tea set.

This is their special Homemade Raisin Scone come with creme and preserves.

After finish our first pot of tea, they give us a new set of cup.

Second pot of tea-- Pure Peppermint

How lucky am I have a pretty girl pour tea to me. xD

Some exhibition of tea pot and cup. Full of vintage!!

I wish that I have one set too! hahaha! 

It was very precious because we not take much photo just chit chat a lot and go for shop after the tea. I will miss you and gonna meet you soon! :D

Actually the dessert not good taste as we think, but it really make us full because we don't have take lunch as well. If you ask me how the review, I just giving an average rate. I never try this kind of hi tea before, so what they are serve is deserve with the price. 
Of course you want a bit high class like TWG tea then not this price you have to be pay. But it's still not bad, can try when you having a tired shopping and want take a short tea time. :)


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