Tuesday, June 18

Alexis Bistro @ The Gardens, Tom Dick & Harry @Pavilion

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Another hangout day with buddyz!
There are 2 branches of Alexis Bistro and it was locate at the corner of The Gardens Shopping Mall.

It was big and may contain many people when peak hours.

Actually I'm not so remember the name of beverages we order. Lol!

I'm guessing these are soda.

This one is Iced Chocolate right? Lol!!

Anyway, here our food! Prepare to hunger if you not dinner yet! :D

Penne Carbonara 

Beef Lasagne

Roasted Chicken Sandwhich

Obvious this is mine! :P

Of course come with a dessert after meal! My most favourite timeeee! xD


We have a full.... actually it's not dinner but also not lunch, because we take it around 4pm, is a tea time loll! We continuous to night hangout after late movie before go home.

Tom Dick & Harry @ Pavilion

It was so lively even it was late because it was SATURDAY NIGHT!!

They have live band at here, not bad!

"Mou Man Tai" is their attitude! A lot of cute board hang on the top!

Sorry for the bad quality of photo. :(

Continue chit chat at here, along with the nice music.

They are offer breakfast and will try here for next visit! :)
To end of this post by our GYIYOMI lolll! Have a nice day! :D


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