Wednesday, May 8

The Bee @ Publika

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Planning to visit here since few months ago but really not have appropriate time to make it because being busy so much for this semester. And now, I'm be FREE because I had been breakaway from my crazy exam! lol!

I like to going to the Publika because it really have a lot of stranges and lovely restaurant and I wish I could try all of that! But I know I may grow horizontally soon so what should I do by now is stop to eat! (I wish I can make it). However, I will unable to restrain my mouth when my eyes has notice that kind of delicious fooddddd! Oh my Godddd! ><

All right, stop to talk to oneself :( 

Here start to blog about The Bee

It's a nice place to friend and family to gathering here.

I like the environment, the decoration with sofa and bookshelf like at your home.

Sometiimes it may have performance and the way they are singing are very nice!

A lot of different wine cup hanging on the top.

Do you remember with this? specially for 80 and 90 generation! It's so creative!

Prepare to enjoy the food picture, and now is the lunch time may make you hunger! :P



Half + Half

Mexican Burger

Salted Beef Burger

Calamari Rings

Prawn Pomodoro

Actually this is not mine! But my buddy make them include to my photo!

Before we are leaving, I notice he is so alone with his heineken on upstairs! I want to asking, are you TED? LOL!

What you two guys are doing huh?!

I found this place so nice and take a photo as fast as possible before they are came out to drive us away. It is actually a part of another restaurant and nobody at there. :D

Outfit of the day! (From this photo obviously show that I'm starting grow horizontal TT)

As average, the food is nice, but I not taste the burger because both meat is beef. 
However, their rating is good! :)
They have another branch at Jaya One and you could visit there too! 
More details please go on HERE.

Have a nice day! :) 


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