Monday, May 20

Grandmama's @ Pavilion

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A new opening restaurant in Pavilion, full with Asian delight.

So cute their menu cover with a very fashionable grandmama bike a motorcycle.

We order the set dinner they are offer.

A very empty space not because no people dine in but late to take our dinner and left us at last!

They are provide seat at outside too.

Of course have a shoot before eat, I'm suspect that I being mad soon with this kind of habit. The sadness thing is my face showing that I grow horizontal. :(

Fish Head curry pot (Niceeeee!)

Paku Vegetable with sambal balacan

Sweet and sour chicken

The set come with 1 drink and dessert (ABC or Cendol) for each person.

Can you imagine how could we finish this dinner set with big portion?
Oh my God! It really make us over full and we take it about 1 hour to dine and not finish yet! ><

As a conclusion, their food really niceeee! I like it because full with Malaysia's flavour and the taste as my hometown. Even it very common but I'm gonna miss it! :(


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