Wednesday, May 15

Antipodean @ Bangsar

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I know how evil am I because always update food post in the time right now. :P
Have been taste a lot of food recently, so just be patience. :)
Having a good Sunday and taking brunch with my buddy at here--Antipodean.
Not plan to here but try to pss by to took our lunch before  foward to the shopping mall.

Took a photo while waiting be seated.

When we are reach there a lot of people are queue up and the staff ask us to be wait for 15-20 minutes. I not expect that I need to be queue up to dine at their restaurant! It was very unfortunately if we are not trying their food!

Luckly not been wait for long time, we have our seat soon and their service was very good! The staff is help me to pull the table so that I can take my seat and ask me if I want to put my bag on another chair to convenient me when taking our food.

Their menu are wrote on the blackboard.

A very fresh flower to make the table more colourful!



Vietnam Coffee, very special and make by your own, the taste is favorable.

Here their famous breakfast which call as Big Breakfast with the option of Bacon
Don't kidding with their big breakfast and you could not finish it specially for girl!
Even a guy, his look a bit pity because over full after taking the breakfast left by our 2 girl! xD

All Day Breakfast serve with chicken sausage

Omelette with Salmon

The staff notice that our so difficult to take a full photo and come to us to help us. It can't deny that their service is the BEST!!

First time taking photo around the restaurant with full customer and make me a bit uneasiness. So not took too much photo at here. :s 

Lemon Meringue
Ask for a dessert to complete our brunch, lol!
It's good for who not like the taste too sweet, and the taste is nice.

I really not like with the look without make up when taking photo, anyhow I have use to be this kind of photo because the point is not my face but the food. hahaha! xD

Outfit of the day.


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