Saturday, March 30

My Birthday Part 1 :D @ Ben's, Pavilion

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As the title, I gonna blog about my birthday celebration since middle of the month!
Never plan for anything in this year because feel nothing or important for my day, lol! 
However, I also try to make my day a bit colourful, I going to take a lunch with a buddy and watch a movie after that.

Feel very embarrased that I forget bring my identity documents out on this day! 
How could I careless and this is the first time I did! Oh my Godddd! ><

Thank so much my buddy treat me and I totally being a big girl on my big day! lol!
Well, decide to take a easy lunch at here -- Ben's by The Big Group which is locate at Pavilion.

I like their tall shutter door of the restaurant entrance!

You can take a look a big menu before you are enter.

Inside was very crowded because the lunch time. Luckily the seat is still available seems reserve for us. xD

This is a set of card on the table for customer to relieve their bore while waiting the meal.

A lot of recipie can be refer for further use. :)

When you are walk to inside, you will see a lot of old photo have been hang on the wall to display. I like their restaurant decorate with simple and retro feel. :D

Fisherman's Catch

Pad Thai Seafoood Linguine

Berry Basil Lemonade 

Macadamia Cheesecake Sundae

I love you dessert! :P

Thank you so much for treating, grateful have a buddy as you! :D
Stay tuned for part two! :D


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