Wednesday, February 6

Revisit La Risata @ Medan Damansara

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Visited same place again! I can't forget the taste of their food!! Especially Spagetti Alla Risata! We order again! :P
A very ashamed day because I getting wrong route when alomost reached, I'm apologize to my all friends again, I'm so sorry! Thanks that you all not complain with me but tolerate with my temper, my nervous and so on.

THANK YOU!!!!  :))

Well, reach there was late already, they can't stop to order and could finished by them!! Here our order~~
Pizza Fungi E Prosciutto

Pizza' Agnello
A very good taste with the lamb!! Recommend!
Pizza Hawaiana

Pollo Farcito

Stinco Di Agnello

Fettucine All Albese

Actually I felt hungry when I blogging right now, because a lot of food photo in front of me! so please fullfil your stomach everytime before reading my post! LOL!!! xD

Will come back soon!
Thanks reading! :)


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