Monday, December 31

Christmas Buffet @ Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort

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Hello peopleeeeeeee!
Happy New Year!! How you all gonna celebrate tonight? any countdown to make?
Not have any special to me and stay at home prepare to sleep earlyyyy! LOL!!!
Gonna post about my Christmas celebration which is taking a buffet with my family and church members.
Here the place we are visiting at Bukit Kiara.
First time to being there, a place to relax yourself, there look so nice.
Feeling want to take a swim and sunbathing when reach there! hahaha! :P

Here a pretty girl--Apple, crazy to self-shooting in the car when on the way to our destination. xD

Photo following all are foods that I taken!
But I'm so sorry that most of the food is almost finish taken when I want to take photo.
Sooooooo, there is not so perfect as never touching.

OMG!! These are dessert that almost finish!! ><

Scalloped!! But I not felt that I had ate that.. :S

Oysters and Prawns are so freshhhhhhh!

The taste a bit weird, I'm not use to be to eat that.

Outfit of the day

All right, a short post about my Christmas day.
I'm so grateful and thankful to my friend that prepare spaghetti, dumpling, pizza and so on to have a gathering on Christmas eve.
Thank you so much!!!  :D

Staying at hometown right now like to be cut off from the rest of the world, LOL!!
No any party to attend, celebration to make, back to ease life. :)
Will meet you all soon!


Tuesday, December 25

Namoo on the Park @ Publika

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Merry Christmas!!!

How you all celebrate your Christmas? I having a Christmas Buffet with my family and gather with Catholics in this day!
Luckily we are alive and spending this warming festival! 
I like this festival much because it bring us joyful and thankful!
Thanksgiving to God to bring peace to us which is called as Christmas Eve! :D

I'm so sorry to all of you that I always hold off my post again and again!

And sorry to my friend, cus' I hold this post again and again!
Now, I'm gonna talk about U~~~~ Joanne! my ji mui!! xD

Planning to bring her a celebration with a surprising dinner.
Actually don't think about that, but one of guy was constantly asked me the question to buy some gift or whatever, this guy is...................................................................
So, I'm the birthday planner in this celebration! LOL!!
Research some places and deciding to here---Namoo on the Park

You couldn't finish it if your appetite is small, because I totally can't move when I finish those foods, and it really not finish yet, the food given is too big plate!! oh my God~~~~

Spicy Food Pasta

Bibi Burger Rice

Bulbogi Beef Taco

Honey Latte

Namoo Lemonade

Sweet Potato Cake

Sweet Pumpkin Cake

I wish I have a chair to increase my height when took this photo. :(

Have a great night with you two! Because we crazy onward to sing K til the midnight! :D
And sorry that the birthday celebration was been a month ago and usually update on last month.
Well, hope you that happy always and stay pretty always, these wishes is for the coming new year, hahaha! xD

Prepare to back my hometown tomorrow!

Feel a bit excited but also a bit upset, I know that I always contradiction! I hate it too! ><
I should enjoying.  ;)

Stay tuned for the next post about today Christmas outing!

Sunday, December 2

Burger Lab @ Sea Park,SS2

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A very long queue burger shop, and we choose to try the this famous burger in Sea Park, SS2 as our dinner. The people inside is not surprised us, and the time we took also not long.
It is about 10's order before us.

Here our Burger!!




Here is the review from us:

1. Not have any special with their taste. The special is the burger bread is BLACK colour.
2. Their burger is too BIG! Advise here don't take with set if you are not have a big appetite!
3. Water can refill as long as you are want. (But I not think you have chance to refill because if too many people you need to eat with rushing and give seat to other coming).

As a conclusion, we think that McDonald's will be the best choice! xD

I'm so sorry to Burger Lab, but it is not have satisfy us what we are expected from here.
However, Burger Lab and McDonald have their own different style.
At last, Burger Lab is becoming famous too!
***Recommended their french fries is delicious!! I like it!